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Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim: ~4 gigapixel image

The most complicated shoot I performed on my recent trip to Europe was this image. At a glance, it is a typical photo of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, however if you click through, you’ll find a LOT more detail than you normally see in a photo.

This is a composite of over 800 photos, totaling over 3.9 gigapixels in resolution.

I’ll discuss the site more on the Geek Field Guide blog, and write up a how-to to make something like this yourself on this blog later.

In the meantime, take a look, and let me know what you think.



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Nidaros Cathedral

Reference Photography – Air and Space Museum: Udvar-Hazy Center

Over time, I will be posting reference photography here under the Creative Commons 4.0 – Non-Commercial-Attribution License.

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Lightning and Patience

One of my most popular photographs is the one you see above. (High resolution at the end of the article)

Back in August of 2013, I got a text message from a friend:

“Go look at the sky.”

I laughed, and walked out my front door. Absolutely clear skies.

“Um, what am I supposed to be seeing?”

“Look north.”

I took two steps off the front sidewalk and looked to my left.

There, spread across the sky in the distance was a rolling thunderstorm. I could not hear it, but lightning was flashing through the clouds every few seconds.

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Adventures in early morning suburban photography

Getting up at the crack of dawn (or before) to do a shoot is always an interesting experience.

This morning, for example, while shooting the lunar eclipse, I heard a distant meowing. Like some sort of feline sonar, it got more insistent and increased in volume until it was right behind me.

I turn to find a cat (with collar, and apparently well-cared for), sitting there, meowing at me.

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