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iPackThat Review & Contest

If you’re new to 3D modeling, good UV mapping is critical to getting a good result for game output. With more complex scenes, you can end up with a lot of wasted space between the polygons in your UV map.

One of the most tedious parts of doing a good 3D model for game use is making a good UV map that doesn’t waste all that space.  Producing a high-quality, efficient, UV map for a detailed model can take hours or days of work, depending on the complexity.

Enter iPackThat by Piranha Bytes, a tool that takes a ton of micromanagement off your to-do list, and smashes your polys into submission.

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Kerbal Space Program Memory Management


One of the biggest problems modders and their fans run into is the issue of memory management. When you’re a game developer creating content for consoles or mobile devices, you have a specific memory budget that you have to maintain. This requires hard choices during development, and one of the first places to cut is on texture resolution. Every artist wants to make their work look as good as possible, so telling someone to smash their gorgeous 2048×2048 texture down to 512 (or lower) can be met with resistance.

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I’m working on a small project for Kerbal Space Program.

The goal is to fill in a few gaps left by other mods for my own play style.

Easy changes: KAS and TweakScale config additions for mods that don’t already support them.

Moderate changes: Add functionality to existing parts. (Such as adding a radio to Universal Storage’s EVA-X pack for transmitting science when away from a craft.)

A bit more complicated: Adding new parts, such as the Vernier OmniRCS, which uses the same specs as the stock Vernor engine, but with a bit more flexibility.



See my post on the KSP forums for more until I update this post 🙂
EVA-X KAS-GrabStnScience