Kerbal Space Program mods (v. 0.25 edition)

Updated 2014-12-16 09:51 GMT -5

UPDATE: Version 0.9 BETA is now released. Go here for the new list.

Version 0.25 of KSP has been released, and it’s time for the reinstallation of ALL THE MODS. I’m hoping this mod compatibility list helps others out.

If you’re new to KSP, or completely unfamiliar, it is a simulation game, where you take the role of director for the little green men version of NASA. (I wrote a preview/review of it a while back)

One of the reasons for its success is its massive mod community, which has taken the stock game and added a tremendous amount of depth in the way of new ship components, graphical overhauls, sounds, functionality (life support, flight model re-write, mining/resource gathering, etc), and other content.

The game is technically still in pre-release, which means that updates can be significant and game-changing. Because of this, I tend to start a new campaign over from the beginning when a new patch comes out.

This also means that a lot of mods break on the new version and have to be updated… some require only a version compatibility change update, while others require significant code work to get back to functionality.

Here’s the state of my preferred mods, and a bit about each of them:
(Due to the recent release of 0.25, this list is in progress!)

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Adventures in early morning suburban photography

Getting up at the crack of dawn (or before) to do a shoot is always an interesting experience.

This morning, for example, while shooting the lunar eclipse, I heard a distant meowing. Like some sort of feline sonar, it got more insistent and increased in volume until it was right behind me.

I turn to find a cat (with collar, and apparently well-cared for), sitting there, meowing at me.

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Lightning over Durham


I’ve decided to make myself a more permanent web home for discussing my projects, photography, tech, writing, games & game development, 3D printing, etc., etc., etc.

Watch this space for interesting things.