Kerbal Space Program mods (v. 0.25 edition)

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UPDATE: Version 0.9 BETA is now released. Go here for the new list.

Version 0.25 of KSP has been released, and it’s time for the reinstallation of ALL THE MODS. I’m hoping this mod compatibility list helps others out.

If you’re new to KSP, or completely unfamiliar, it is a simulation game, where you take the role of director for the little green men version of NASA. (I wrote a preview/review of it a while back)

One of the reasons for its success is its massive mod community, which has taken the stock game and added a tremendous amount of depth in the way of new ship components, graphical overhauls, sounds, functionality (life support, flight model re-write, mining/resource gathering, etc), and other content.

The game is technically still in pre-release, which means that updates can be significant and game-changing. Because of this, I tend to start a new campaign over from the beginning when a new patch comes out.

This also means that a lot of mods break on the new version and have to be updated… some require only a version compatibility change update, while others require significant code work to get back to functionality.

Here’s the state of my preferred mods, and a bit about each of them:
(Due to the recent release of 0.25, this list is in progress!)

(Mods which have AVC version checking support are marked with a +)

General notes

The Firespitter plugin can be updated from the official page, the KSP forum thread hasn’t been updated with the new version info.

Memory fixes

Update: Comprehensive breakdown on OpenGL vs DirectX, combined with Active Texture Management.

Update 2: I’ve written a post on the topic, including the new DDS loader plugin.

Active Texture Management has been updated, however some people are still reporting issues. I’ve been using the OpenGL mode instead, and it has been working great for me. (NVIDIA GPU).

If ATM isn’t working for you, try the workarounds listed below:

If using an NVIDIA GPU, or one with good OpenGL drivers, try adding “-force-opengl” to the launch command line.
If using a modern DX11-capable GPU, try “-force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded” (no quotes for either option).

Check out this post to get OpenGL up and working.

Using OpenGL with the following mods shown as working, memory utilization at the VAB is currently 2.6 GB. (Otherwise it’s 3+/crashing)

Bug Fixes

Some enterprising souls take it upon themselves to fix bugs until Squad’s next official release. Here are some particularly handy ones I’m trying out currently.

Phoenix Industries Stock Bug Fix Modules: 0.1.4c: Fixes for chutes, decouplers, and EVA issues. [WORKING]

Core Modules

Active Texture Management: 3.8: This mod is crucial to using some of the more resource-intensive mods (meaning large textures, in this case). This plugin works behind the scenes to compress the high quality textures created by the mod devs into something more suitable for real-time game engine use. (Compression and scale options are configurable. [WORKING]  See note above about OpenGL

Alternate Resource Panel: Excellent replacement for the built-in resource panel, highly configurable. Can be set to activate when using the stock resource button. [WORKING]

AVC: 1.1.5: Automatic Version Checking for KSP. For the mods that support it, this is a great plugin for keeping up to date on the latest versions of your favorite mods. [WORKING+]

Chatterer: 0.7.1: Actual functionality added to the game: zero. Amount of ambiance? Significant. This mod inserts Kerbalized dialogue and communication sound effects to the game. It even ties in with RemoteTech. [WORKING]

Contracts Window+: 2.2: The existing mod window is a bit of a nightmare. CW+ allows you to get a much better view of what you’re working on and filter out the unnecessary data. [WORKING]

Custom Biomes: [Untested]

DDS Loader: 1.7: Loads DDS format images for game assets, which can improve load speed. See the memory management notes above. [WORKING]

Deadly Reentry: 6.2.1: Just what it sounds like. Reentry becomes far more perilous. Ablative heat shields included. [WORKING]

Ferram Aerospace Research: [WORKING+]

Fine Print: 0.59: More contracts for your space agency. Makes it easier to keep income rolling in, but with an appropriate challenge level to keep it interesting. [WORKING]

Kerbal Alarm Clock: beta [WORKING]

Kerbal Engineer Redux: Really handy mod for surfacing all the hidden details that you need for planning and executing your launches. Especially useful in the VAB/Hangar. (Be sure to middle-click on things) [WORKING+]

Kerbal Joint Reinforcement: 2.4.4 [WORKING+]

A Mechanic Is Jeb: [Untested, not updated]

MechJeb: 2.4: Enhanced flight information, plus maneuver planning and autopilot functionality. [WORKING]
MechJeb FAR extension: Modifications to MJ to work with FAR’s flight model. [WORKING]

Module Manager: 2.5.1: This is a single DLL that goes in the GameData folder root that is required for many other mods to function. It allows modders to non-destructively add attributes to stock or other developers’ spacecraft part files. [WORKING]

Raster Prop Monitor: 0.18.3 [WORKING]

RemoteTech: 1.5.1: A nice difficulty/realism addition. Communication with the ground requires a well-planned satellite network.  [WORKING+]

ScienceAlert: 1.8.1: Get notifications when an experiment is available for testing. [WORKING]

[x] Science!: 4.0: New, promising plugin for monitoring science progress.  [WORKING+]

ShipManifest: 24.2_3.3.2b: Allows you to transfer resources around your ships. Can be set to respect adjacent living spaces and other realism options. [WORKING]

Stage Recovery: 1.5.1: Get back funds and resources from dropped stages. [WORKING+]

TAC Fuel Balancer: Super-handy mod for shifting fuel around your craft, allowing you to purge sections or rebalance intelligently. [WORKING+]

Toolbar: Core plugin needed for many mods. [WORKING]

Editor Tools

EditorExtensions: 1.4: A simple plugin that allows increased control over symmetry options in the editor and more. [WORKING]

Editor Part Highlighter: 1.0: Does what it says on the tin. [WORKING]

FS Hangar Extender: 2.0: Stretches the aircraft hangar and VAB to allow building larger craft. [WORKING]

FuseBox: 1.0a: Preview your power utilization, thus preventing unfortunate incidents. [WORKING]

Part Angle Display: Highly useful. This should be stock. Control the angles of rotation. [WORKING]

PartCatalog: 3.0 RC8: Helps make sense of all your mod installs in the VAB/hangar. [WORKING]

RCS Build Aid: 0.5.2: Very handy utility for balancing RCS, and assessing how your craft’s behavior will change as fuel load changes as well. [WORKING]

SelectRoot: [Untested]

TweakableEverything: [Untested]

TweakScale: 1.47: Adjust the sizes of many parts. Resources and weights are scaled accordingly. [WORKING] Update: 1.47 seems a bit buggy right now. Stick with 1.44 for the time being.

Resource systems

Interstellar: 0.13: Very thorough mod that adds a lot of different engines, resources, and other technologies. Definitely worth checking out. [WORKING]
Community Resource Pack mod for KSPi: Converts the resources of Interstellar to be compatible with the ORSX system, including Karbonite (and the other Umbra mods, as well as SCANsat and others) [WORKING]

Karbonite: 0.4.2 [WORKING+]

Karbonite+: 0.2.2: [WORKING+]

Map Resource Overlay: 0.2.7: Integrates with ORSX to show resources, as well as SCANsat integration. (Warns about compatibility). [WORKING+]

TAC Life support: [WORKING+]

Science systems:

DMagic Orbital Science: [WORKING+]

SCANsat: v 8  (in dev): [WORKING]
SCANSat Command Pod mod: [Untested]
Map Resource Overlay: [Untested]

Station Science: 1.31: [WORKING]

Spacecraft parts and systems

B9 Aerospace: 5.2.5 [WORKING+]

Extraplanetary Launch Pads: 0.4.4: Build rockets in space and on other celestial bodies. [WORKING]
EPL Karbonite conversion: 0.16.7: Requires this update [WORKING]

Infernal Robotics: 0.19.2 [WORKING]

KW Rocketry: 2.6d [WORKING]

Kerbal Attachment System: 0.4.9 [WORKING]

Modular Fuel Tanks: 5.2.3 [WORKING]

Procedural Fairings[WORKING]

Radial Engine Mounts: beta 0.30 [WORKING]

RealChute: 1.2.6: Adjustable, more-realistic parachutes for your craft in a variety of configurations. [WORKING+]

Universal Storage: (US-CORE) [WORKING+]
US-KAS: Kerbal Attachment System pack. [WORKING+]
Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support pack. [WORKING+]

Umbra Space Industries mods

USI has a family of mods, most of which tie into a forked version of ORS (ORSX) for resource management.

Modular Kolonization System/Orbital Kolonization System: A colony building system with TAC/LS support. [WORKING+]

Asteroid Recycling Technologies: 0.5.4: Turn those pesky asteroids into working centers of production. [WORKING+]

Exploration Pack: 0.2.4 [WORKING+]

Freight Transport Technologies: 0.2.3 [WORKING+]

Survivability Pack: 0.1.2: [WORKING+]

USI Tools: 0.2.3 [WORKING+]

Graphical overhauls

DistantObject: 1.4.1: This is a wonderful mod for immersion. When in orbit, you now actually see the shine from other objects and planets in other orbits at a distance, and it is particularly visible when in time warp mode. Also applies other visual tweaks. Be sure to check it out. [WORKING]

Environmental Visual Enhancements: 0.24 [WORKING, not updated for 0.25 officially.]
Astronomer’s EVE pack: Edge of Oblivion[WORKING, not updated for 0.25 officially. You must delete the original EVE city lights TGAs in \BoulderCo\CityLights\Textures]

PlanetShine: 0.2.2: New plugin that adds bounced lighting from planetary surfaces to your craft for a more realistic appearance. Be sure to check out the screenshots of this one. [WORKING]

My personal mission flag: (I just make a folder in GameData called 0000-Flags\Flags and drop this PNG in there.) [WORKING]


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