Adventures in early morning suburban photography

Getting up at the crack of dawn (or before) to do a shoot is always an interesting experience.

This morning, for example, while shooting the lunar eclipse, I heard a distant meowing. Like some sort of feline sonar, it got more insistent and increased in volume until it was right behind me.

I turn to find a cat (with collar, and apparently well-cared for), sitting there, meowing at me.

Sure, company’s fine. “Hi, Cat.”

I continue shooting until the cat decides that insufficient attention is being paid, and he decides to start rubbing up against the legs… of my tripod.

“Nope!” I shoo the cat away, who then hides (VERY NOISILY) in a nearby bush.

“You’re not very good at this hiding thing. This is why cats aren’t the apex predators on this planet, Cat.”

Cat’s next trick was to go investigate my garage, and in doing so, trigger the safety beam across the entrance… thus turning on a very bright light next to where I’m shooting (from the driveway.)

Hiss at the cat, chase it out a couple times, give up, and close the garage door.

Ok, looks like the moon is moving enough to shoot from the backyard (which is darker, and has fewer neighbors wondering why I have a large lens pointed down the street.

Move to the backyard.

Ah, nice and dark.

Cat comes to investigate.

Cat gets bored.

Cat triggers motion sensor of next door house.


After that, he decided his work was done, and moved off.

Fortunately, I got a few shots. As I came in, I checked the time, and found that two hours had passed since I’d gone out. That’s one thing I’ll say for this sort of photography, I really lose myself in it, and it’s a sort of meditation for me, despite the occasional intense focus required.


Lunar Eclipse 2014-10-08



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